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Safety Rules for Online Daters: Unblock Online Dating Sites and Protect Yourself from Scammers

Online dating sites such as Match, Zoosk, MeetMe, POF, OkCupid, Tinder, Bumble, and many more are becoming more and more popular with digitalization growth. However, online dating sites are getting blocked worldwide more and more as well. It happens due to geolocation and regional restrictions, cultural, political, or religious reasons, and filters and blocks on public Wi-Fi.

Websites can be blocked in your workplace as employers believe these websites are impairing employee productivity. Access to the Internet in educational institutions may be limited as the administration may believe that certain sites and social media platforms are distracting to students.

Some websites may also be blocked due to incorrect content filters. This type of software was designed to restrict access to malicious sites, but it can also block legitimate sites that need to be accessed in order to conduct research or purchase supplies.

Use VPN to Unblock Online Dating Sites

Use VPN to Unblock Online Dating Sites The good news is that any website can be unblocked with a VPN. Regionally restricted sites, keyword filters, blocked IPs... a VPN can unblock just about anything. VPN lets you tell the whole Internet that you are in any country you want. It hides your IP address and encrypts all activities on the Internet, making you invisible and leaving no traces. When you turn on the VPN, the sites you visit, downloads, searches, etc., are hidden under a veil of encryption. Neither the employer, nor the school, nor the Internet provider, nor the state can handle it. And the ability to virtually "move" to any country will help bypass regional blockages. VPN encrypts all network traffic, ensuring anonymity and security on the network.

Cyberthreats Online Daters Can Face

A third of users of dating services face fraud. Recently, dating sites have become more dangerous for their users, as scammers are becoming more inventive, and their methods are becoming more sophisticated.

Cybercriminals are constantly improving malware, and how it spreads, the company added. Visitors to such resources increasingly receive links with malware or fall for the bait of blackmailers. According to experts, it is easier for fraudsters to find a victim on dating platforms. Such services are anonymous and involve communication with strangers, which often lulls users' vigilance.

The scammers resort to social engineering methods and carefully plan the attack based on a particular victim's characteristics, the company explained. More often than not, dating site users lose money. At the same time, fraudsters use different methods: phishing, spreading viruses, extortion, and blackmail (for example, luring intimate photos). A popular method is the creation of a fake identity, with the help of which the attacker finds out the details of the victim's card, offers to buy movie tickets on a phishing site.
Online Dating — TOP-9 Safety Rules

There are a number of safety rules on the Internet that will help you protect yourself and avoid unpleasant situations when looking for relationships online